Meals with friends, Gypsy Vanner, and A Long Hike

This has been a holiday filled with good friends and good food! Last night, Christmas evening, Steve and I enjoyed a wonderful meal with our friends Lucy and Charlie from New Hampshire. Steaks and ribs cooked over the grill, a yummy salad, baked potato, rolls, and broccoli. The food was good and the company was delightful! It's been such a surprise and a blessing to meet up with friends while traveling. This morning Charlie brought his tools and his expertise over to Wild Thing and he and Steve were successful in fixing the leak under my sink. It turns out the connection for the hot water line just needed a bit of tightening. I'm grateful for their helpful hands! Steve wanted a bit more photography time at the Arizona-Sonoma Desert Museum work on his photography, so while he was gone, I hung out with Dexter, then took a nice 5 mile hike around the canyon loop trail.

Along the hike, I met Jennifer and her beautiful 12 year old horse Samson. Jennifer brought Samson to the United States from the UK when he was 3 years old. He is a Gypsy Vanner, bred to pull Gypsy vans in the UK. He was very charming, extremely intelligent, and demonstrated many of his talents to me. Jennifer has him trained to bow, smile, answer questions with a yes or no nod of the head, give her a kiss, and to do some fancy footwork. It was evident that they share a very special bond. I had a lovely chat with Jennifer and she gave me some great tips about hiking the trails around the park. This park has a camping area especially for equestrian use. Jennifer is a local who comes to the park to use the horse trails. I thoroughly enjoyed my chat with Jennifer and Samson!

This evening, Steve and I went to dinner with Mark and Debi. This lovely couple hosted us in there Airbnb property earlier this year when we visited Tucson for Steve's 60th birthday. They are wonderful people and we enjoyed their company so much I took a chance to see if they were available for a visit while we were in the area. As luck would have it they had a free evening, so we met this evening at a local restaurant called Harvest and enjoyed a delicious meal and great conversation. I'm so pleased we were able to reconnect with these fun and interesting people.

This week has flown by and tomorrow will be Steve's last full day here in Tucson. We plan to visit the Biosphere 2 and are looking forward to seeing what that's all about. The time has gone much too quickly, but we're already making plans for him to come back in February. I'm hoping he'll stay longer on that trip!