Happy Holidays!

I'm sending you well wishes in this season of light and love. I celebrate Christmas in the Christian tradition, so Merry Christmas to those of you who also celebrate this holiday! Steve and I are happy to report that Dexter is feeling much better today. We all jumped in the truck early this morning and headed across town to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and arrived in time for the morning raptor show. It was still cool enough for Dexter to hang in the truck for an hour, so Steve and I went down and watched the museum staff released beautiful raptors, (Hawks, owls, and Crows). The birds fly just overhead and are baited to land in trees near the spectators, offering wonderful opportunities for photography. The sun was warming things up so while Steve stayed at the park for a few more hours, Dexter and I took a drive around the area to explore some local campgrounds to find possible places to stay in the future. We picked up Steve in the early afternoon and drove back across town to the campground.

While Steve processed his photos and Dexter took a rest, I took walk up one of the trails in the park called Birding Trail and found a spectacular view for sunset. Along the way I found this interesting log that look just like Dexter!

I've called Steve and he's going to join me for sunset, then we'll meet up with our friends Lucy and Charlie and enjoy an evening meal together. If we get some good photos of the sunset I'll post them a bit later!

Steve wanted to share a few photos he took the day before yesterday on our walk. He is such a talented photographer! Thank you, Steve, for sharing these photos.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!