Getting ready for Steve, Leaky Sink, and Coati-Mundi

Steve's coming today! His flight will be arriving in just a couple of hours. I spent the morning getting the camper readied and shopping for supplies. I wanted things to look festive for his arrival!

At the laundromat, I met a lovely local woman and we had a very nice chat. A bit later I met another woman when I saw the book she was carrying, Barbara Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible, one of my favorites, and we chatted for a while before we realized that we're neighbors! She is from Kansas and staying just two campsites down from me at the same park! It is indeed a small world!!

After the quilt was dry, I headed over to Walmart to lay in some groceries and supplies. I as I was putting things away I discovered the sink is leaking again under the cabinet. Luckily I had stored a soup pot under there and that caught most of the water. I've been watching it all afternoon but can't catch it in the act so I'll have to keep an eye on it and try to discover where the leak is coming from. It's a minor inconvenience and I'm sure I'll figure it out and find a way to get it fixed. For now I'll keep a dish pan underneath the sink to catch any drips.

Dexter and I took a nice walk up into the foothills this afternoon and along the way we saw a family of Coati-Mundi! I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone but the mama was back pretty far in the trees I'm not sure if you can see her. If you enlarge the picture you may get a glimpse. I'll have to stake out the area with my Nikon and see if I can get some better shots. There was a mama and three babies in the group! The babies are about the size of a raccoon and the mama is considerably larger as you can tell from the photos.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up and jump in the big red truck and head off to the airport to pick up my DH!