1G Service, Black Bear Diner, Scouting Sedona

The pictures below will help explain the short post last night. The campground I'm staying in is situated far down in a canyon in the Verde Valley. I had 1g of reception last night, not enough to upload pictures!

I took a short hike along the canyon as the sun was beginning to set and enjoyed seeing the Rock Canyon bathed in the warm golden glow of the evening light. When I turned around and saw all the little cubby holes in the Rocks behind me, I decided not to linger after dusk! I'm sure there must be some hungry critters that live in those caves and I would not like to meet them in the dark!


This morning, Dexter and I enjoyed a lovely walk around the campground complex. It is quite large and has several different areas for camping. After an hour and a half walk, Dexter was ready for a nap in the camper and I've driven into Cottonwood to look around a bit. I'm having lunch at the Black Bear Diner, then plan to head up the road to Sedona and poke around. Today will be a scouting trip. I'm going to be here for another 6 days, so I'll have some time to explore the area. I can see the Red Rocks Sedona just up the road and I can't wait to get up-close-and-personal again!