Verde Valley RV Resort...WiFi Challenged

Dexter and I were back on the road this morning after a nice walk along the trails at Pikachu Peak. We continued up I10 through Phoenix, then picked up I17 North. It was a spectacular drive through the mountains as the elevation increased to 4000 feet+. This is what they mean by the "high" desert. At that elevation the landscape flattened out for a while, then as we entered the town of Camp Verde, we decended into a valley. The campground, Verde Valley, sits in between Camp Verde and Cottonwood along the Verde River. I unhitched and settled in for a week stay, then took a short hike. I saw a blue heron flying overhead and heard ducks down the river. It will be fun exploring the area. Wifi is nonexistent at the campsite but available at the clubhouse. My Verizon Jetpack is nearing the end of it's monthly allotment so I may keep my posts short or upload when I'm in town. I can't get enough signal tonight for pics...Tomorrow I will share them while I'm in Sedona!