Pikachu State Park, Palo Verde, Teddy Bear & Saguaro Cactus

After driving 270 miles today I saw the peak of Pikachu Mountain beckoning me to the State Park that bears its name. Dexter and I arrived about 2 p.m. and after setting up camp, we tool a nice walk down one of the trails. It's good to be back in Arizona among the Saguaro and Teddy Bear Cactus. The Saguaro are so iconic and are what most people think of when they think of "cactus". Teddy Bear Cactus look warm and fuzzy, soft and fluffy, but they are just as prickly as other forms of cactus. Dexter took no chances today and kept his nose to himself! We will only be here for one night but I hope to explore some of the trails in the morning. My neck is still a little hinky, but feeling better every day. The sun beginning to go down and the clouds have darkened up indicating we may get a little rain this evening, so I won't venture too far from the campsite tonight. The weather is mild, 72 degrees this afternoon and should only get into the mid fifties tonight. I took a nice long hot shower at the bath house and am enjoying a beer this evening. Living the High Life!