Errands, Mexico, Dexter's Prickly Lesson

This is my second day at Rockhound State Park in New Mexico. Dexter and I took a nice walk first thing this morning. It stayed fairly mild overnight with temperatures hovering in the mid-thirties. The dry desert air and the warmth of the sun makes it feel much warmer than the actual temperature.

After breakfast, I loaded up my empty propane tank and headed into Deming for a refill. The first place I stopped had just run out of propane, but the gentleman directed me to another place down the street. People are so nice here in the south!

Also stopped at Walmart for groceries and supplies. On the way in I spotted this little gem. This definitely falls under the category of "things you don't see in Massachusetts!"

With my errands done I was free for the afternoon, so while Dexter took a nap at the camper, I headed to Mexico! Several people told me about The Pink Store in Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico, just 40 miles from here. I parked on the American side and used the pedestrian walkway to cross the Border. It's immediately a different vibe when you step across the border. There are lots of dogs running free in the streets, people are milling about without much purpose, and most of the vehicles are "vintage".

While I was taking pictures of the statue in front of the municipal building, a man approached me and asked if I would like to take a picture of his small child. I was happy to make a donation for the privilege of photographing this little angel.

The Pink Store is a local icon. It's a combination restaurant, bar, and gift shop. It was a feast for the eyes!

This beautiful woman was outside the pink store hand sewing dresses and said I could take her picture for a dollar. I was honored to take her picture and gave her a bit more of a donation for the privilege.

I found a few small treasures to bring home!

On the drive back to the campground I crossed several cattle guards and signs warning me to watch out for livestock. It soon became apparent why this is important! These guys were grazing with no fences to keep them out of the road!

Dexter and I enjoyed another walk up the side of the hill looking for rocks. It's so beautiful here, peaceful and quiet. Dexter learned a valuable lesson today about not licking cactus! He managed to get a few pickers in his snout and one on his tongue in the attempt. He's not likely to try that again soon!