Pain in the Neck & Rockhound State Park

Just outside of Deming New Mexico, an hour and 20 minutes from Leasburg Dam State Park, sits Rockhound State Park. Ranger Alex at Leasburg Dam State Park and a lovely couple I also met at Leasburg SP, Anne and Lee, both recommended Rockhound to me. I awoke to major muscle spasm in my neck muscles today, so a short drive was a good idea. I'm okay as long as I don't turn my head to the left, or the right, or up, ...or down...Argh.... This has happened to me before, sometimes I just sleep wrong, and my neck or my back just locks up. I've been taking lots of Motrin and applying heat. It normally resolves on its own in a couple of days. A little Jamison's tonight will help too. I'm not letting it slow me down too much though, so after getting settled into the campsite I took a short walk up the side of Florida Mountain to enjoy the view, and picked up a few rocks.

This is a beautiful tranquil spot. A quiet campground and a great place to find gem stones. I found some pretty specimens today and look forward to more rock hunting tomorrow.

My neighbors are a friendly couple named Ann and Bob. They requested and received a tour of Wild Thing and gave me a tour of their beautiful camper in return. They're on the road 6 months out of the year so they're pros at this camping lifestyle and it was lovely speaking with them.

I'm close to the Mexican border and may sneak across tomorrow for a look-see!