Christmas Shopping, Diego, and First Ink

I spent the better part of the day today with my son Glen. I'll be leaving on Sunday and he will be leaving on Tuesday, headed for Baja for the next five months. It was such a gift to have a day to spend together. We ran a few errands, then did some early Christmas shopping. Since we will both be away during the holiday we need to prepare a bit earlier than usual. At one store, we met a fellow traveler, Diego, who was most helpful and quite an interesting person. Although he prefers traveling by air to traveling by land, or by sea, he has logged quite a few miles in his life. Diego is fluent in 5 languages and is working on learning his 6th, German! He's traveled extensively exploring mostly in Spain, Europe, and South America. I love meeting people who enjoy travel as I do, and I'm always most appreciative of good customer service! Thank you Diego, it was a genuine pleasure to meet you today!

Glen has been planning on getting a tattoo for years and today was finally the day. We drove to Redemption Tattoo in Cambridge where I left him in Jeb's capable hands. A few hours later Liz arrived to pick him up, and we all agree that it came out fantastic!! Every sailor needs a little ink. Each swallow represents 5000 nautical miles that Glen has sailed. He's actually sailed more than 25,000 miles to date, but he did not want an entire flock on his chest!