Bug Melt, Scrub-a-Dub, & Liz

Wild Thing finally got her much needed bath today! Glen and Steve were a big help and now she's sparkling like new again. There is no water supply at the storage facility and I had cleverly drained the onboard fresh water tank when we got home so we improvised by carting several buckets of water from home. Steve brought some gallon jugs of water from the office so we had an adequate supply for the job. We used Meguiar's Marine Wash Gel to clean the exterior. It's gentle in the gel coat, does not remove the protective wax finish, and really cuts through the grime.

The front area was covered in baked-on bugs so I used a product called Bug Melt to help me get them off. This stuff is the bomb! It dissolves those stubborn bugs in just a few minutes and also works well to remove tar and scuff marks. It too is super gentle, does not harm the gel coat finish, and also does not strip off the protective wax coating. It took a minute or two and a bit of buffing to get some of the particularly stubborn bits off, but I was very pleased with the results. I highly recommended this product!

Glen brought Liz to see the camper this evening and to meet the family. We had a such a lovely visit. Liz is smart, funny, and adventurous. She is just delightful and I hope we see much more of her soon!