A Riot of Color!

I was up late last night after an evening of watercolor painting in the community of a group of amazing women who have been gathering for years in this Sacred Space. We sat in a circle of rocking chairs, 20 women sharing the struggles, joys, burdens, and happiness that filled their lives over the past year. After our gathering, I walked on the beach to listen to the waves crash on the shore and look up at a sky so filled with stars that they streched all the way down to the horizon. I watched the streaks of meteors dancing across the firmament and contemplated the theme for this year's retreat, Light and Shadow. On the beach I picked up a dark slate rock and white feather to serve as my symbols of Light and Shadow for the weekend.

Alhough I didn't retire until after midnight I woke at 6 AM, just in time to see the sunrise from my little room on the 3rd floor.

I curled back up in the bed to doze for a short time and was awakened by the gentle singing of the nuns one floor below my room in the Chapel. It was so sweet to be enveloped by the rhythmic sound of their morning prayers. I feel them weaving a web of prayer with such love it seems to uplift and support the whole world.

Today we played with watercolor paint and paper, integrating prayer, song, and art and the day was fillex with laughter and community. Here are some of my works in progress and experimentations from todays efforts.

It has been a "riot of color" kind of weekend for me! Even our group photo was a celebration of energy as we all sported colorful headbands and sunglasses supplied by our gracious hosts Kim and Than. These girls sure know how to have fun!! I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by these exceptional women and accompanied by my dear friend Karen M. I'm enjoying every minute.