Fog, Rain, Mountain Tunnels, and Family!

Today was a heavy driving day, I logged about 340 miles. Most of it was rough driving in dense fog, heavy rain, and construction. Welcome to the Northeast! The fog was really bad through the mountains of Pennsylvania and traffic was slow down to 30 miles an hour for a good stretch. Then the rain started, and it was also pretty intense for a couple of hours. The trailer handles beautifully though and I just took it slow and stayed in the right-hand lane. I tested the brakes often and kept my speed down. The roads are pretty bumpy up here and traffic is much more intense than it is in the West. I've arrived at my stopping point for the night, Middletown New York Walmart, and I'm waiting for Elaine and Kirk to arrive . Looking forward to spending some time with them! One more overnight and then I'll be home.