Family, 23, Black and Blue, Kokomo Campers, and Hugs

I left Millpoint RV Park a little before 8 am today and was glad to get on the road again. I was still feeling a bit shaken from my hitching mishap and my nerves stayed in high gear until I was on the road. I feared that I had caused some unseen damage to the trailer that would present itself when I got going but all is well. I now have checklists for everything I can think of! The day was sunny and the miles dropped away. I stopped for gas and a cup of coffee before getting back up on the highway. That keep me content until about 10:30-11 when I stop at a rest area for breakfast. It is so nice to be able to just step out of the truck, jump into the trailer, close the door and have a nice break. I can eat my own food, and enjoy the quiet of my own space regardless of the noise and bustle going on outside. My camper is just so cozy!

Today is my son Glen’s 23rd birthday. I had a lovely chat with him. He’s still in Seattle and will be heading to Orange County, CA to check-up on his camper in a few days. He’s planning some time in Joshua Tree before flying home for a short visit, then he’ll be off to Baja for the winter. What a life! Go Glen Go! I can't wait to see you in just a few weeks. Today is also the anniversary of my Dad's (Morton)  Birthday. He has been gone many years but his legacy lives on. Thank you, Dad, for instilling my love of adventure and trailer life!

I had planned to drive through Indianapolis on a Sunday around mid-day thinking that would give me the best chance of avoiding traffic. I was on the 465 loop going around the city so I was a bit surprised to find stop-and-go traffic. There also seemed to be an inordinate number of truckers.  Most did not have trailers, just the truck cabs and many were flying flags. Then the honking started and their numbers increased. It was pretty much bumper to bumper trucks across 4 lanes! I finally spotted a sign on one cab that indicated this was part of a protest movement called Operation Black and Blue. Veteran truckers are protesting the regulation that would require them to use electronic driver logs. It was quite a show of force and although they played nice, there were many of them and it sure caused a big slowdown on the highway.  I guess that was their point!

I met another lovely couple at a rest stop today. Duane and Cheryl K. from Kokomo, In were interested in seeing Wild Thing so I gave them a tour. They have a large rig and were intrigued by the Wild Thing. She sure gets a lot of attention and I do love showing her off!

Once I made it past Indy, it was a short ride to Richmond, In. The sun disappeared and the rain began to fall again, but I was cheered to see my lovely niece Rachel waiting at the campground for me when I arrived! She and her husband Phil had driven an hour to meet me and see Wild Thing. What a treat it was to spend the evening with them! I haven’t connected with Rachel in many years and I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to see her. She is a budding quilter and brought along a project she is working on to show me. She is doing lovely work and her eye for color is amazing! She also brought a project she did as a child with my Mom, her grandmother, that she credits with getting her started with sewing and quilting. It brought tears to my eyes to see this special piece! My Mom was one of the greats and she is with me every day in my heart. She teaches and encourages me still. Her name was Priscilla, but everyone called her Pinky! I recognized most of the fabrics used in this little quilt, since back then we used scraps of fabric we had used to make clothing in our quilting projects. There were plaids from my Dad and Mom’s shirts, some twills from Mom's pants, and a floral print that I used to make a blouse. The circle is unbroken and my Mother’s spirit is alive and well in her granddaughter!  We spent a lovely evening catching up and talking about quilting and trailering. Rachel and Phil have an A-Liner trailer that they love to go camping in. We went out to eat and the evening flew by. I am so grateful that they took the time to come for a visit and look forward to spending more time with them (hopefully camping!) in the very near future.

So now I’m listening to the patter of rain on the roof as it makes it’s way through the trees here at the Deer Ridge campground in Richmond In. I drove 290 miles today. It has been a day filled with visits from family both near and far. Time and distance are constructs of our mind and I love that I can be close to those separated from me by time or distance simply by holding them in my heart. But, I must admit, there is no substitution for hugs. I try to give them often and cherish those I receive. I'm grateful today for family and hugs.

Tomorrow I’ll drive to Rockwood, PA and spend 2 nights at the Hickory Hollow campground. I hope the sun comes out!