Rain, Beeps in the Night, Reorg and Reviews

Last night was exciting... The rain continued to pour and at midnight the Smoke/CO detector started beeping. Needless to say, it got my attention! The alarm stopped after 6 piercing screeches and I could see no evidence of a problem, but I erred on the side of caution and opened up the windows and did a thorough check for any issues. I was not running any appliance that could cause a Carbon Monoxide problem so that was reassuring. I have a separate Propane Detector and that was not alarming so I was safe there.  When the alarm stayed off, I went back to sleep. At 3 am off it went again and I repeated the routine again. It still only beeped 6 times then went off and I could find no cause. Back to sleep then back up again at 6 am with another round of alarm. Hummmm….I was up then and after reading the manual I learned that 6 beeps mean smoke detection, 4 beeps would indicate a CO problem. At 9 am, the alarm went off again. The rain had stopped and I had opened up the trailer and run all the fans so  I could think of only one other option, the battery.  The manual stated that the unit should “chirp” if the battery was low, and this was much more than a chirp, but I thought I’d give it a try. Hours later it’s still quiet so I think I have solved that little issue. Fingers are crossed for a quiet night. I’m sure getting a crash course in the systems Wild Thing during this shakedown trip!  I also discovered that the bulb in the range hood had burned out.  After consulting the Escape Trailer Forum I learned that this little bulb is notorious for lasting only about 3 hours. Most of the lights in the trailer are LED but this one comes from the manufacturer with a regular bulb that doesn’t last long. Most folks replace it with an LED so that will go on my list of things to order when I get home.

While I was waiting to see if the alarm would go off, I decided to try the air conditioner. I got it in my head that the AC was controlled with a remote…spoiler…it’s not…it’s controlled with the thermostat! I started looking for the phantom remote and reorganized all the cupboards along the way. By the time I was done, I had remembered how to operate the AC, it worked beautifully, and I was happy to have spent the time getting the cupboards in order.  I’m slowly sorting out all the devices and systems and integrating all the information I received during orientation. I was given a lot of new info in a short period of time so I guess some confusion is to be expected.

I used a website and app called RVParkReviews.com to help me choose the campgrounds I've been staying in during this Homeward Bound trip. The reviews written by folks who have recently stayed at the campground have helped me make good choices. I decided to contribute reviews of the campgrounds I’ve visited on this trip so I spent some time this afternoon writing reviews.

The rain has stopped and the sun came out right before it set. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and dry, perfect driving weather. It’s been a busy day but I’m glad I was able to work through the challenges. One at a time, slow and steady, I’m learning.  Tomorrow I’ll drive to Richmond, Indiana and will have an opportunity to see my niece Rachel and her husband Phil. Yeah, family!