Dudes in Rocks Day

Brrr...it was 27F last night! No snow thankfully but cold! I woke early and snapped a few photos outside the trailer as the sun was washing the hillside behind me with golden light. The light lasted just a few minutes but was beautiful!

I was on my way to Mount Rushmore National Memorial by 7:45 am. The clouds began to clear as I approached the park and I was blessed with brilliant blue sky for my visit to the dudes in the mountain! I watched a short film about the history of the sculptures and followed the President's Trail around from the observation deck to the bottom of the monument. This gave me several different vantage points from which to view and photograph the sculpture. In some of the photos, you will notice workers on the top of George Washinton's head. According to the Rangers, they are winterizing the area by adding drainage ports to help direct the water flow. Thank you Hazel for helping me get my victory shot for today! I took many photos of the monument and here are a few of my favorites:

After several hours at Mount Rushmore I drove on to the Crazy Horse Memorial. This beautiful sculpture is still under construction but it was a sight to see. You can read more about it here

This site had a wonderful visitors center, a Native American Museum with many artifacts and Native American Artwork. I know my doll making and quilting friends will enjoy some of these photos! Such artistry!: Leatherwork, beadwork, feather work, sand painting, dollmaking, quiltmaking, and rugmaking. The lighting in the museum made photography a challenge but I wanted to give you a good taste of the beautiful art in this museum.

I drove 4 hours round trip today to visit these sites and enjoyed the local landscape along the route. The Aspen trees are in full fall color and they positively glowed against the green and rocky landscape. Their brilliant yellow leaves fluttered and twinkled in the breeze. I was able to stop frequently for photos on the long straight roads that I traveled today. I snapped a quick photo of more deer grazing beside the road and took a few photos of a unique antique shop in Deadwood!

Tomorrow I'll hitch up my wagon and head on down the trail toward South Dakota!