Abandoned Mine, Boulder, and Between the Sheets with Dial Soap!

Today marks my first week with Wild Thing! The days have flown and I have learned and experienced so much in this short period of time. I'm rested and ready for what lies ahead. Boy did I sleep well last night! I was told that spending time in the radon mine would help with sleep and I think that, coupled with some time to relax after all the excitement of picking up Wild Thing allowed me to enjoy a deep restful sleep. I woke just in time to head up to the mine for the first of 4 more sessions at the mine. I soaked my hands and feet for 10 minutes then spent an hour hanging out and chatting with interesting and engaging people. What could be better? The inflammation of my psoriasis is definitely reduced and I'm interested to see if it continues to heal.  Many people I talked to said that the full benefits of treatment are usually not evident until a week or two after leaving the mine. Although I wasn't here long enough for the full recommended treatment  32 sessions over 10-11 days) I was able to squeeze in 9 sessions during my brief stay. The cost per treatment is $5.00 or $15.00/day.  When I came out of the mine this morning I tried the "breathalizer", a  geiger counter that you can breathe into to measure the radon levels. It was interesting to see no levels before entering the mine then full levels after the hour in the mine.

Veronica and her husband currently own the mine. They purchased the mine after Veronica received healing from debilitating arthritis.

I spoke to so many people who have been visiting the mine annually for many years and swear by its healing properties. I hope to return here for a full 32 treatment someday!

After breakfast, clean up, and a few chores, I took a ride up the road to the site of an abandoned mine that my friends at the Merry Widow told me about. It was located two exits down Hwy 15 at  High Ore Road, left and  5 miles up a dirt road on the side of a mountain. The location was stunningly beautiful and the road was deserted so I had fun stopping to take pictures along the way.

Back on Hwy 15 and just a few more miles down the road was the small town of Boulder, MT. Another generous soul at the Merry Widow Health Mine told me about a shortcut I can take back to I90 tomorrow that will allow me to bypass the very steep and winding pass over the mountain and through the Continental Divide. What a blessing! That pass was a challenge in just the truck and I was not looking forward to taking the camper up that road! Highway 69 out of Boulder will bring me back to I90 on the east side of the mountain and is a nice state highway that winds through a valley. Perfect!

While in Boulder I stopped at a little gift shop and found a few treasures. I have been looking for a pottery coffee mug (somehow I failed to pack a mug!) and found a beautiful one by a local artist. I also found a beautiful handmade card. Its design is hand stitched with embroidery floss in an intricate design.  I, of course, couldn't resist some local yarn and I also found the first decorative item I want to hang in Wild Thing. It's a unique picture of pressed flowers and leaves. The woman who creates these pictures researched the journals of Lewis and Clark and recreates the plants that they discovered and documented in their journals. She arranges the leaves and plants and records the date that Lewis and Clark journaled about finding them on their travels. How cool is that! The artist is an owner of the Tizer Botanical Gardens and Arboretum. I didn't have time to visit the Gardens this trip because it was time for me to get back for a radon mine treatment!

I decided I would hook up the trailer while it was still warm and light in the afternoon. It has been cold (36 degrees) at night and stays cold until late morning. I was so excited to hitch the truck to the trailer with no help this time! I think the whole campground heard my whoop of triumph when it was done! Special thank you to Lucy and Charlie who gave me the magnetic ball and the tip about placing strips of duct tape to help guide me to the right spot! It all worked beautifully!

After that, I just had time for one last treatment at the mine this evening. While there someone overheard me mention that I was struggling with sciatic pain. She said that she cured her sciatic pain with a bar of Dial Soap! Intrigued I inquired further! Here's what she said:

"Unwrap a bar of plain Dial Soap. Place it in between the sheets of your bed and leave it there. After 3 days of sleeping the Dial Soap in your bed, your sciatic pain will be gone! Leave the soap there for 30 days then replace with a fresh bar. Use the old bar in the shower as usual."

I was planning to stop at a Walmart soon for an overnight and told her I would get a bar and try it. Back at the camper, I was getting ready for supper when my neighbor came over and handed me a bar of Dial Soap! She said it's the brand they use regularly, she had an extra bar and wanted to share it with me. I've met the nicest people on the road! So tonight I'm off to bed...with my Dial Soap between the sheets! I'll let you know how it goes...Tomorrow I'll hit the road again heading for Billings, MT.