A Day of Firsts

Today was an intense day full of firsts. It was the first time I broke down camp and hitched up, it was my first full day of driving with the camper, and tonight will be my first night dry camping in a Walmart parking lot! My lovely neighbors Dawn and Sandy from the Lake Pleasant Campground came over to help me line up the hitch as I was backing up and that was a great help!

There are so many little details that need to be attended to when you break camp and get ready for the road. The process starts inside the trailer where everything has to be put away so that it won't rattle around or fall out of the cabinets. All the appliances, lights, and equipment must be turned off and all the vents and windows have to be closed. Then it's time to move to the outside of the camper. The tanks must be emptied, connections must be disassembled, the landing gear and stabilizing Jack's retracted, and everything stowed. it's a big process that right now I'm checking and double-checking carefully since I'm brand new at it and sure don't want to forget something! I will develop a routine eventually and feel more confident but for right now I triple check everything.

I filled the truck with gas before I hitched up to the camper and then I was ready to go by 10 a.m. my route took me down interstate 405 to Interstate 90 and up and over the mountains again. I was hoping by leaving a little bit later I would miss traffic in the city, but it was very congested for the first hour and a half after that I was in the mountains and went up and over these babies.

That was some pretty exciting driving! It all went well and the trailer handled beautifully butI was sure glad to see those big mountains in my rearview mirror!

The sun was shining and the road flattened out as I went along towards Spokane, WA. I passed some beautiful yellow-green fields crops.

And before too long I was back in the Great Plains where the road stretches out for miles with nothing but rolling fields around you. Stunning!

I cross the border into Idaho and stopped for the night at the Post Falls Super Walmart. 300 miles today. This will be my first night dry camping without any services and so far it's going well. There's several other campers here in the parking lot and it's quiet so I expect a good night sleep tonight. I put the safety chocks in the wheels and lock them up and locked up the Kingpin connection but I don't have to unhitch for tonight.

Tomorrow I will head to Montana and The Merry Widow Health Mine!

I caught a good shot of the rig as the sun was going down. Good night and see you tomorrow!