Light, Strong, and Ready to Fly

After placing my order for Wild Thing this past November, I realized that I needed to get into better physical shape if I wanted to be able to fully enjoy the adventures that lay ahead.

I had spent the prior two years sitting on the couch knitting while I completed the curriculum for WEBS Expert Knitter Certification Program.  I had not been exercising, I was overweight, and really feeling the effects of being so out of shape.

My weight has been a struggle most of my life. I've tried just about every diet available and after some initial success, I eventually found myself back where I started.  Sweets and carbs are my downfall.  When I eat them it's like there is a switch in me that turns on and I just can't get enough. If I was going to keep the weight off, they would have to go. To my surprise, I found that after eliminating refined sugar and overt carbs from my diet for a full 3 weeks, those crazy cravings quieted. I had turned off that switch and no longer had to battle those out of control cravings.

By late February I was sugar and carb free, loosing weight slowly, and starting to walk regularly for exercise. Around that same time my beautiful niece Ashley Batchelder Tuupo introduced me to Keto/OS,  a product that has been the reason I've been able to stay on track all these months and achieve my health goals. This supplement gives me energy, clears my mental fog, and suppresses my appetite!

Keto/OS is a powerful tool that puts your body in super fat burning mode (metabolic ketosis) and keeps it there! Once I started supplementing with Keto/OS, my hunger and cravings for sugar disappeared. Those cravings were replaced by a calmer, gentler hunger that appeared when my body was really in need of nourishment. It has been much easier to stay the course and continue to eat a healthy diet.  I'm happy to report that I'm now 40 pounds lighter, my blood pressure now normal, I'm no longer pre-diabetic, and I'm feeling great! If you want more information on Keto/OS, send my niece Ashley  a message on Facebook, and she'll hook you up! 

When spring came, I slowly increased my walking routine. I'm fortunate to live next to Ashland Reservoir and can stroll up my street right into this beautiful state park. I've worked my way up to hiking a 4.3 mile circuit from my door around the reservoir daily.  Along the path I would sometimes find feathers. They always felt like a gift, a sign, an encouragement, so I'd bring them home.  I looked at my collection of feathers this morning and realized that just like them, I am now light, strong, and ready to fly!