Wild Thing has a VIN!

Wild Thing production has started! A VIN# (vehicle identification number), the unique identification number assigned to all vehicles, has been assigned so Wild Thing is now officially in the world! Paperwork is on it's way to me that will allow me to register the trailer before I leave Massachusetts to drive to Chilliwack.

This week the fiberglass shell is being formed. According to Escape Trailer Industries:

" All of the Escape travel trailers have a 100% molded fiberglass body. The body is constructed from a top and bottom shell which is fiberglassed together at the center prior to demolding to create a seamless body construction. This eliminates any chance of water penetration while maintaining a strong, long-lasting, lightweight RV. "

I will start receiving photos of the production progress next week once Wild Thing leaves the fiberglass shop and moves to the production floor.

I'm completing my return trip plans and will post them soon! Things are moving right along...17 days until I leave ....28 days until production is complete!