Successful Dragonfly Festival

Here's a big shout out to all the terrific folks I saw at the Dragonfly Festival this past weekend! Some old friends stopped by and what fun it was to catch up. I also met many new folks and had such a pleasant day chatting about art and travel. It was exciting to share what I have learned about Acrylic Paint Pouring and I think there may soon be more messy painters out there pouring paint soon!



A super big Thank You to all who purchased my art!  I hope you enjoy owning it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Thanks to your support, I sold almost half of my inventory!  All the proceeds of this sale are going right into my travel fund!

I was quite encouraged to hear the comments and reactions to my little paintings. The movement and color of this style painting seemed to capture the interest and imagination of many folks. I'm energized and ready to keep making art!

What sort of art do you enjoy making? I'd love to hear about your art in the comments below or just a hello to let me know you're here!

There was also a good deal of interest in this blog and my upcoming travel trailer adventure so here's a big "Welcome to the Wild Thing Blog" to those of you who are joining the fun.  I hope you enjoy  reading about my journey!

As always, a tremendous Thank You to my Dear Husband (DH) Steve without whom NONE of this would be possible. I'm such a fortunate girl to have the love and support of this amazing man.