Free State Maps and Travel Guides

When I travel, I love to find those kiosks in airports, car rental centers, and state Welcome Centers with all the area tourist information and maps. Did you know that all states also offer free tourist information for the asking on their websites? Since I have been spending my days dreaming of all the places I'll go and the things I'll see and do while traveling the country in Wild Thing, I decided to gather information from the states I plan to visit. Rather than looking for each individual state's website, I did a  google search and found this website that has a link to every state's travel information in one place. How convenient!

I chose the links to the states that interested me and requested their tourist travel information packet. It has felt like Christmas around here with packages arriving in the mail almost daily.


My husband says it reminds him of when our boys graduated from high school and all the area colleges began sending information packets vying for their attention and education dollars!

I'm having fun going through all the information but it's quite a bit of paper so I'm saving maps and tearing out pages that have items of  interest to me. I'll  paste these pages in a notebook for future reference and recycle the rest.  I hear Dr. Seuss whispering in my ear..."Oh the places you'll go!" Where would you travel first if you were going on the road? Leave me a comment below!