Surprising Finds

I have most of the gear I need to start my adventure in Wild Thing gathered together in my Wild Thing Hope Chest. I'll give you a peek at everything I plan to take with me to outfit Wild Thing in a future post but I just couldn't wait to share with you the fabulous lanterns I found yesterday!  I was running routine errands and stopped at TJMaxx/HomeGoods combo store near me to get of all things doggie waste bag (because isn't that just the best place to find them:)and while perusing the clearance aisle I came across some spectacular LED lanterns that will be perfect for camping. The first  are Rechargable LED Lanterns with sturdy handles. They have two brightness settings and emit a soft white glow. They measure 10" x 7.8" and  I think they are made by Mooni. They are only marked with model # 086033 but are of the same design as Mooni's lanterns.  They use a USB cord for charging and are fully charged in just 3 hours. They  hold their charge for 8 hours and are labeled Waterproof IP44. Research shows that rating means they are "spash proof" and protected from objects greater than 1mm in size and water spray from any direction. I guess that means they can withstand a shower but not a bath!  They will be perfect to provide soft light around the campsite and will be easy to carry with the bright orange handles and I won't have to worry about being caught in the rain! I liked them so much I bought two!


On the next shelf I found of all things an Egg Shaped Solar Lantern by Mooni. Wowza! How perfect is that for an "Egg Trailer"!! You can read about why my trailer is referred to as an Egg Trailer in my post Build Sheet Complete.

I was thrilled to find such a unique, practical, fun, and well...Wild lantern! This Egg Lantern is larger than the other two. It measures about 12' tall and  emits a soft white light, but it also has 7 other colored light choices!!

Any of the colors can be set to illuminate constantly, or you can set it to fade through all the colors in sequence. I think I may have to paint "Wild Thing" on this egg and keep it on my picnic table! This beauty is also waterproof, and is Solar Powered! I placed it out in the sun today and it was fully charged by early afternoon.

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