Time Traveler

51 days to go until Wild Thing is ready...Where does the time go? I have been quite busy since my last post. I thought that when I stopped working I would have so much free time that I would have to fill the time with activities to ward off boredom. Nothing could be farther than the truth! I now have more time for hobbies and interests, but cleverly, I have multiplied the number of hobbies and interests to fill the available time! I have more time to devote to my relationships with friends and for family connections than I did when I was working, and that's a big plus. The needs and responsibilities of daily life continue however, even in retirement. The demands of our modern life, the running of a household, and the care of one small four legged companion fill my days with activity and enrichment. Add to that my preparations for the Escape of Wild Thing and my commitment to be physically fit for the journey and I find my days of late quite full indeed. The biggest difference now is that I am not stressed or overextended on most days and I often have time to pause, rest, and reflect throughout the day, a luxury that was rare in my working life. I am interested to see how my life's time and rhythm will change on the road.  I want close relationships and enjoy spending time with those around me yet, I yearn for frequent periods of solitude and silence. My needs and desires sometimes seem to be so contradictory. I suppose this may be true of us all. We humans are complex and often messy things now aren't we?

My hope is that on the road I will find more time to be quiet, still, alone, and contemplative. I look forward to exploring the world around me, making new friends, and engaging with new cultures, but I also hope to find more space in my time.  I have longed to take an extended retreat for years. Most people who know me only socially may be surprised to hear that I have a strong need for solitude and quiet.  I love being around people and enjoy companionship and connection with those around me. My public self tends to be engaging and extroverted when I'm in a social environment. I've even been known as "the life of the party" on occasion! Many people thrive on group interaction and find it fulfilling and energizing but for me, no matter how fun, exciting, and interesting these gatherings are, they are also physically and emotionally draining.

I have taken weekend long retreats, mostly alone, over the past several years and have found them to be restful and refreshing. I also experienced one weekend long silent retreat that I found quite compelling. We spend most of our days speaking, listening to others speak, and engaged with the world around us. It was quite powerful to disengage from that activity for a period of time. We each have a unique, rich, and often little known internal world that I think is worth exploring.   I believe it is important to spend time listening to what is going on inside yourself, to the musings of spirit, and to the so called silence. I look forward to experiencing periods of silence while on the road and wonder what I might discover as a result of this silence.  I wonder how being a traveler will alter my perception of time. I'll keep you posted...